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No one was born a mistake. If you were born, it was the will of God for you to be here. 


Should we not cling to God’s grace? Is it not more faithful than anything this world has to offer?

I should hope that my life be found in the everlasting hope of Christ; instead of the temporary promises of the world.

- T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge) -
"A life pleasing to God is not necessarily a life pleasing to others."
"I always try to remember
I am a vessel. It is God
who fills me. It is God’s
light I share. It is God’s
water that flows. It is God.
I am but a vessel."
- "Earth" by Joseph Cook (via jnc-ink) -
"'If you love Christ, never be ashamed to let others see it & know it. Speak for Him. Witness for Him. Live for Him.'"
- ~ J.C. Ryle (via jessemedlong) -
"Having hope in God means no one else finishes the story but Him, and everything really will be okay. We do not need to fear optimism. Life will still hurt and there is darkness ahead — but we have a Healer, a Counselor, a King, a Father, a Friend. We can get our hopes up: all the way up to Him."
- J.S. (via jspark3000) -

And so I love you dearly, Lord. My heart longs for You, for Your presence, for Your companionship and Your embrace. It is not with a single thought of how wide or how far my love stretches for You- but with the knowledge that it is dearly, completely and entirely with my whole heart. I love You without doubt or concern, without second guesses or questions- without ponder or curiosity of other avenues of love. I love You openly, Lord. It is with commitment. It is with honesty, and it is with desire that I love You. I love you with expectation, with hopefulness and with Joy- for I know Your love for me surpasses my knowledge of what it is to love, and be loved. I love You for all that is past, present and future- for all that is pre-destined, pre-planned and pre-willed. My love for You is without hesitation, without restraint and without silence or pause. You have placed me close to Your heart, so close that I hear it’s rhythmic beating. You have covered me in grace and allowed me time and time again to swim within it- that I might know the stretch of Your love for me. May my life be a love letter to You, and to this world- that they might see the vastness of Your love for not only I, but all. Here I am, as I am, scars and healing wounds- You love me just the same. And so I end with nothing more than my heart song to You and You alone- Father.. I love you, dearly.

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